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DOs and DON’Ts for Investor
Dos Don’ts
  1. Encash dividend/Interest regularly to avoid transfer of unclaimed amount/underlying securities toIEPF
  2. Follow up diligently and promptly if you have not receive allotment intimation/ certificate / dividend / interest etc.
  3. Ensure that your PAN is registered with the RTA for all yourfolios.
  4. Ensure nomination is registered for all your securities to smoothen thetransmission.
  5. Ensure that all KYC details viz full postal address with PIN, mobile number, e-mail address etc. are updated to facilitate the RTA for sendingcommunication.
  6. EnsurethatcorrectandcompleteBankdetails are recorded with RTA to facilitate prompt electronic credit of dividend / interest / redemption amounts and eliminate possibility of unclaimed amounts / underlying securities being transferred toIEPF.
  7. Promptly inform the RTA in writing and completerequiredformalitiesincaseoflossof securities.
  8. Ensure that the documents provided for availing any investor service request are complete in all respects and keep copies of documents sent to theRTA.
  9. Monitor all corporate announcements pertaining to investmentsmade.
  1. Do not keep your folios withoutPAN
  2. Do not keep your folios without nomination
  3. Do not deal with unauthorized persons for any investor service requests such as change in / up- dation of address, e-mail address, mobile number and bankdetails.
  4. Do not share security details, viz. folio number, certificate number, distinctive number(s), bank details, specimen signature, KYC documents, etc. with unknown person(s).
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